PSL Cans

Cool Under Pressure

Looking to achieve a craft or premium look for your aluminum cans? Our industry experts offer pressure-sensitive labels in a variety of finishes, including glossy, matte, and metallic to elevate your brand’s look and feel.


Flexible Options

If you need labels that hold up during pasteurization, or paper-based labels that meet local government regulations, our industry professionals have you (and your can) covered. From bold graphics to minimalist design, we can make low-minimum order quantities and quick turnaround times happen. Cans are sold in combination with ends for a full-container solution.

Excellent Performance

Excellent Performance

What sets our pressure-sensitive labels apart is their ability to adhere to any surface with ease. Designed to withstand harsh environments such as refrigeration, moisture, and abrasion, your label stays on the can, looking great, even after extended use. For a fully customizable label that captures your brand's message and aesthetic, PSLs pass the test.

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